Friday, October 13, 2017

Prize-giving 2017

Worcester Gym’s annual prize-giving was held on the 12th October 2017. There was a (beautiful as always) performance by the school choir at the beginning of the evening. The learners, guests and teachers later had the privilege to listen to two performances by grade 12 students from the school. These were: a piano performance by Chadwin Phillips accompanied by Mrs D. Rabie as well as a singing solo performed by Deva Willemse. These performances were very special as they were the last performances the audience would ever see of these two matric students performing on stage in their Worcester Gymnasium uniforms.  

The evening consisted of numerous (to say the least) awards and trophies handed to learners in the school for cultural, academic, sport etc. achievements. Many learners (too many to fit into this article) were given the well-deserved recognition on this special evening .This article will highlight only a few of the top achievements.

The Top 3 Academic Achievers of each grade were as follows:
Grade 8:
 3rd place - Cecil le Roux
2nd place – Nadia Jansen van Vuuren
1st place – Ian Steyn
Grade 9:
3rd place – Eduard Klüsmann
2nd place – Simone Botha
1st place – Kristij van Dyk
Grade 10:
3rd place – Bianca du Plessis
2nd place – Tineke Swanepoel
1st place – Leandrie du Toit
Grade 11:
3rd place – Nelia Grobbellaar
2nd place – Shakirah Williams
1st place – Hans Klüsmann
Grade 12:
3rd place- Shakeel Williams
2nd place - Trisha Bhawan
1st place – Jacomi Breytenbach

Highest average in junior secondary phase trophy for two consecutive years: Eduard Klüsmann
Louisa Gie Maths Trophy for the best achievement in Maths (grade 11 and 12) trophy, Nedbank Old Boys trophy for highest average in grade 11 and Stofberg Trophy for highest academic achievement of the year (in grade 10, 11 and 12): Hans Klüsmann
PriceWaterhouseCoopers prize for Accounting and Maths (grade 12) and WJ Theron Trophy for highest average over 3 years in the senior secondary phase: Jacomi Breytenbach
RCL Bursary (annually  the RCL fundraises for  a bursary to give to a matric learner that worked hard academically, was involved in school activities and was a good example to the school): Nina Roodbol
Trophy for best academic co-curricular achievement: Shakirah Williams
Johan Matthee Trophy for best cultural achievement as well as the Henkie Swartz Trophy for Cultural Versatility: Jacomi Breytenbach
Bosvark Sportmanship Trophy: WP Viljoen
Nelson Trophy for the Most Versatile Sportswoman of the Year: Natalie van der Vyver  
Olivier Trophy for the Most Versatile Sportsman of the Year: Lundi Msenge
 Sportswoman of the year with the highest individual achievement Rugail Joseph
Sportsmen of the Year with the highest individual achievement of the year: Jean Niemand
Achievement for 9 consecutive exam terms with an A-Aggregate: Trisha Bhawan, Jacomi Breytenbach, Phillip du Preez, Khanya Fadana, Peter Mercuur, Chadwin Phillips, Noeline Rossouw, Willa Roux, Mika Schoeman, Heleen Theron, Natalie van der Vyver and Shakeel Williams.
School Principal prize (given to a grade 12 learner that made an impression with their enthusiasm, perseverance and other important values portrayed without expecting anything in return): Ivana Ceaser
Venter Kruger Trophy for Versatility (female): Willa Roux
Hans Rabie for Versatility (male): Pieter Minnie
Dux Learner of 2017: Jacomi Breytenbach

The Girls’ Hostel and Boys’ Hostel head prefects of 2018 were made known. They are as follows:
Brandwacht Boys’ Hostel:
Head boy: Coert van den Berg
Deputy head boy: Andries Lötter
Seminarie Girls’ Hostel:
 Deputy head girl: Berna Erasmus
Head girl: Marquerite Zeeman
Well done!

One of the things the audience was eagerly waiting for was the announcement of the 2018 head prefects of Worcester Gymnasium. The results were as follows:
·         Deputy head boy: Hans Klüsmann
·         Deputy head girl: Elsa Burger
·         Head boy: Joubert van der Westhuizen
·         Head girl: Elmari van der Westhuizen

 The evening ended with the singing of our school anthem, where the grade 8s sang at their first Worcester Gymnasium prize-giving while the grade 12s sang proudly for their last time of being part of the prize-giving. The singing always creates a sense of pride and unity. With sadness, excitement and (of course) tiredness, everybody left the hall into the cool breeze of the night and went back home. 

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