Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Parade Day

"Yesterday's gone, we gotta keep moving on. I'm so thankful for the moments, so glad I got to know you."

This was the lyrics of the song by which the matric wave of 2017 finally hit the shore.

The song's lyrics also reflects not only the years they shared with one another, but also the emotions that was portrayed during the parade day, which was held on Friday, 13 October.

The day started off with a bang as the matrics enjoyed their final fellowship as a group while having breakfast at the Cumberland Hotel.

The procession follwed short after and, as always, it was tremendously sentimental and beautiful.

During the assembly, not only the matrics but also the others couldn't fight back the tears as they reflected on the melancholic memories and friendships that they had built since grade 8. Mr Schoeman's metaphorical speech of the matric wave and the ocean coming in to the shore and the emotional goodbyes of the head prefects, Willa and Shakeel made saying goodbye just so much harder.

Now as the oceans change andthe wave draws closer and closer to shore the matrics will enjoy the ride no matter how rough the tide.

Their wave will however not simply be washed back into the ocean, but will be remembered for many more years to come.

The parade day of 2017 was a day filled beautiful sadness, but this however is not the end of the tide it is on the beginning of a new wave to ride.

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