Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to avoid conflict : At school

Yes, we all know that conflict is a bad thing. We know it should be avoided at all cost, yet when faced with it, most of us are consumed by that insatiable rage-moster. And it’s especially hard at school. Throw a thousand completely different, hormonal teenagers together and the last thing on their minds when they disagree is going to be : “Let’s talk this out like mature adults.” Still, it is the general opinion that the few textbook resolutions to conflict in our Life Orientation books are enough to keep the peace. It’s not. So, here’s a few tips on how to handle conflict, for teenagers.

  •  Always have a tasty snack with you to give as a peace-offering. This will also work with money or gum.
  • When in a disagreement with someone, always get an objective third party to give their opinion. Note: OBJECTIVE means they won’t be influenced by either of you. Your best friend or the other person’s ex does not count.
  •  Calm down... Is what the textbook would say. Or, as it is more commonly known: “Take a chill pill.” Yet we all know that isn’t so easy. So, just have a chaotic rage-session in your head where you tell the person exactly how you feel. Then, remove all the offensive, rude words and start speaking.
  •  Never enter an argument when you’re hungry or just received your science marks. It will make you extra angry and you will enter a full-fledged argument.
  • When you lose the argument, SHUT UP! please stop speaking. (See what I did there?) Continuing to argue when you know you are wrong will only make you look like a sore loser and fewer people will respect your opinions.
  • When you are dealing with somebody who refuses to accept that they’re wrong, walk away. Tell them that they are entitled to their opinion and stop arguing. If they want to look stupid, it’s on their heads.
  • Don’t fall in the same trap twice. Stay away from those that you know are constantly seeking out arguments for the sole purpose of winning it and feeling superior. It’s not worth it.   
  • Don’t play the devil’s advocate. Yes, we all know them. They are the ones who would  abandon their food at breaktime to go stand on the sidelines, chanting “fight,fight,fight!”   Even though they have no idea what the argument is about... Please don’t. Rather spend your time resolving conflicts than encouraging them.

There you have it!

It’s no use pretending that it’s easy to resolve conflict. It’s incredibly difficult. But if you follow these eight steps, you might find out that it’s not as hard to avoid conflict as it appears to be. So, stop arguing over whether One Direction is better than Justin Bieber and focus on the aspects that make them both good (or bad...)

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.” – Dorothy Thomas

Albums 4 All

Music is a wonderful thing. As humans, we all have that special song or artist that could get you singing along even on the gloomiest of days. So, to keep you updated on what's hip in the music-industry, here are the latest albums of the most famous music-genres.

Alternative - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Halsey)

If you like listening to songs that make you feel something more than the need to tap your foot, this is the perfect album.

Our favourite songs: Strangers / Eyes closed

Afrikaans - Sing vir Liefde (Karlien van Jaarsveld) / Okay! (Heuwels Fantasties)

Aangesien ons trotse Suid-Afrikaners is (en graag van die droogte wil vergeet), het ons twee ablums in ons moedertaal gaan soek.

Ons gunsteling treffers: 
Karlien - Sing vir Liefde
Heuwels - Gebruik My

Songs to sing to in the shower - After Laughter (Paramore)
This unofficial genre might include a mix of 80's synths, rock guitars, meaningful lyrics and a whole lot of fun.

Our favourite song: Hard Times

Christian and Gospel - Starlight (Bethel Music)

The collection of classical, as well as lively songs will have you either swaying to the music, or raising your hands to sing along!

Our favourite song: King of my heart

Folk/Acoustic - Land and Sea (Ziggy Alberts)

Even though this album has been released in 2014, it's sure to punch you right in the feelings, and will definitely put you in a soothed, content mood.

Our favourite song: Gone (The Pocahontas song)

Pop - Witness (Katy Perry)

This album has not yet been released, but it should be worth the wait. Katy simply does not disappoint.

Our favourite song: Chained to the Rhythm

R&B/Soul - Darkness and Light (John Legend)

Throw back and relax as you listen to the catchy tunes on John Legend's latest masterpiece.

Our favourite song: Surefire

Spanish - El Dorado (Shakira)

For those of you who like to salsa (no, not the salty meat dressing; the dance!), this album will be the best dancing partner you could wish for this winter.

Our favourite song: Me Enamoré

Dance - Uncovered (Robin Schulz)

Even though this album has not been released yet, it will surely put you in the mood to jump of joy soon enough.

Our favourite song: OK (feat. James Blunt)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Billboard Music Awards 2017

If you missed the annual Billboard Music Awards don't fret! Here is a list of some of the winners of the major categories of the night:

 Top artist: DRAKE
 Top new artist: ZAYN
 Top female artist: BEYONCÉ
 Top male artist: DRAKE
 Top duo/group: TWENTY ONE PILOTS
 Top collaboration: THE CHAINSMOKERS ft. HALSEY - CLOSER

 Drake broke the record for the most Awards won in a single year. He took home a grand total of 13 trophies, beating Adele's record of 12.

These awards included:
 Top artist
 Top male artist
 Top Billboard 200 artist
 Top Billboard 100 artist
 Top song sales artist
 Top streaming song artist
 Top rap artist
 Top rap tour
 Top Billboard 200 album
 Top rap album
 Top streaming song
 Top R&B song
 Top R&B collaboration

 If you would like to check out the full list of all the nominees and winners check out the link below:

  9 of the most memorable moments of the evening, according to clevver, are: 

 1. Vanessa Hudgens RAPPING! (Yes, sweet Gabriella Montez rapping!!)
 2. Venessa Hudgens doing a musical impersonation of Celine Dion
 3. Celine Dion singing the hit song from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On"
 4. Drake giving a shout out to the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens , as well as giving a shout out to Nicky      Manaj exclaiming his love for her
 5. Cher made her return to the stage
 6. Camila Cabello made her solo debut after leaving girl group, Fifth Harmony
 7. Miley Cyrus ended up in tears after singing her new song, Malibu
 8. Vanessa Hudgens outfits! (Yes, her outfits get their own point due the pure beauty of them)
 9. Nicky Manaj's sexy opening that well, only she could pull off !!!!

 To watch the video make sure to click on the link below Make sure to comment your favourite part of the award show and whether or not you are happy with the winners of the night.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Annoyances of Being a Teenager

Welcome to being a teenager. It’s that awkward time when you’re not completely an adult yet, but you are not a “little kid”. If someone told us this and warned us about some things besides physical change, we could have at least been a bit more prepared on what to expect. It could have been helpful. Maybe this compiled list of “Annoyances of Being a Teenager” will be able to warn future generations on what to expect during teenagerhood, perhaps it could bring some comfort that you’re not the only one who experiences these things or maybe you could just laugh at the relatibility of it all.
Here we go:

Balance between ten thousand things: academics, sport, social life, sleep and physical health.
Now’s the time where everything gets harder. You know have more homework, test and projects and so much of your time is taken away because of it. You try to care about your grades, but the motivation for school is decreasing. Getting enough sleep? Ha. You crave it more, but barely get enough. Then there’s trying to still stay social, but battling the need to stay in comfy clothes in your house and watch series all day. On top of it all, physical health is still important because you don’t want to look like a mess, with crazy hair, hairy teeth and tired eyes.

Pimples: the little idiots on your face. They make everything worse. That’s enough said. You become jealous of those few teens who are blessed with wonderful skin or rare breakouts.

Big social gatherings or family events. You don’t feel old enough to sit with the adults, but you also don’t always feel young enough to play “shop-shop” or active games with the smaller kids. Sometimes there aren’t people your age around, so you either pull out your phone and busy yourself with it until the battery is dead, sit alone like a loner or choose an awkward group to stay with.

You aren’t old enough to drive yet. When you need a break from siblings or the crazy people you call parents, you can’t just grab the keys and leave for a few hours. You also can't go on long, fun road trips with your friends without your parents. That dream will have to be put off for a few years.

Emotions are all over the place. One moment you’re happy, the next you’re so upset you don’t want anybody within a mile.  Nobody seems to understand and give you your space and when they ask what’s wrong, you don’t even know yourself.

Confidence levels. How did they suddenly plummet? You become conscious of so much more.

WHO AM I? Does this sound familiar? Not only are you deciding what to do after school, which subjects to choose or what type of friends you want, but you are also still figuring yourself out. It feels like so much is dependent on what you decide and do as a teenager.

Along with everything above, people have high expectations of you, there’s gossip, never enough privacy and you compare yourself with friends, siblings and even parents.  This was taken out of an online article “… even though adults endure everything from work problems to debt, no period of your life comes close to being as difficult as your teenage years. Everything is changing both physically and emotionally and yet you are thrust in to the most intense situations of your young life, discovering heartbreak, anxiety, low self esteem and peer pressure along the way.”* BUT it can also be one of the most fun times of your life. You don’t have to worry about rent, don’t have to be adult and too mature yet, daydream a lot, make lifelong friends, enjoy ugly at-home clothes, can binge-watch series and you are finally allowed to be home alone and sing at the top of your lungs like a free soul. It will all pass eventually. This can be good or bad, but growing up is inevitable.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Olympiad Mania!

This was the week of Olympiads. Every day at rows we heard about them...in the before-break announcements...the little voices at the back of our heads, telling us, "Sign up for the Olympiad..."

Or that might just be the teacher.

Anyhow, why should we do Olympiads? How does it benefit us?

Here are some reasons why you should participate in one...or all...of the many Olympiads this school offers:

1) Grade senior points

Everyone wants that double gold badge at the end of the year. And when you're filling in that form, and you're one point short of a double gold...an Olympiad would have saved you. For every Olympiad you write you get grade senior points that really help in the long run.

2) GK

(That stands for General Knowledge. In case you didn't know that, I just added to yours.)
Writing an Olympiad increases your general knowledge. Now when you're flirting with that cute guy, you might actually know what he's talking about.
Also, you learn new facts that prevent embarrassment in the future. For example...what's the fourth colour of the rainbow? Is is green? Is it orange? Is it yellow?

Now you know!

It's green, by the way.

3) Helpful hints

Many times the things you learn in Olympiads will help you in a real test. It's a lot easier to remember an experience than it is to learn a load of boring facts. So, if you can remember that you were embarrassed because you didn't know the fourth colour of the rainbow, you'll always remember it is green.

4) Like-of-the-week badges

Who knows...if you do well in an Olympiad and hand in that certificate, you might just get a like-of- the-week for being called onstage in hall.

5) 'Cuz it's fun!

Writing an Olympiad is fun! There's no pressure...and you can simply enjoy yourself...and play eeny-meeny-miny-mo when you don't know the answers. So go...do an Olympiad. Join the Olympiad Mania.




Sunday, May 14, 2017

Top 10 flieks

Winter vermaak:

Die tyd stap aan en die winter het begin inkruip en dan is daar natuurlik niks lekkerder as om onder die komberse in te duik met 'n goeie fliek nie. Hier volg die top 10 flieks wat die meeste geld verdien het volgens Box Office Mojo.

1. Beauty and the beast
2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
3. Logan
4. The fate of the furious
5. The LEGO batman movie
6. Get out
7. Kong: Skull Island
8. The boss baby
9. Split
10. Fifty Shades Darker

Ek hoop dat hierdie een nat en koue winter sal wees en dat ons almal genoeg tyd sal hê om hierdie lysie deur te werk!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Genotvolle Damesaand

Die tradisionele damesaand het vanjaar op Woensdag 10 Mei plaasgevind en was 'n plesier vir ma's en dogters regoor Worcester.
Altesaam, het 286 vrouens bymekaargekom om vrouwees te vier en sommer net lekker te kuier en gesels.

 Die eerste damesaand is in 1999 gehou deur Me Elsabè Morekel. Dit is die jaar waarin die matrieks van 2017 gebore is!
Die tradisie word elke jaar aan die hoofmeisie en haar ma voortgesit.
Worcester Gimnasium se hoofmeisie, Willa Marie Roux en haar ma Wilna het baie hard gewerk om die 18de Damesaand 'n reuse sukses te maak. Familielede van Willa het van regoor die Wes-Kaap gekom om die spesiale aand by te woon.

Gassprekers Estee en Lourens van Bottomless Coffee Band het vir 'n volle uur lank die gaste vermaak met hulle ongelooflike musikale talente. Tussen die troupaardjie kan hulle 10 instrumente speel! Al hulle liedjies kom met 'n interessante geskiedenis en dit was wonderlike om te sien hoe hulle hulself in die vertoning inleef.

"Om sommer net bietjie vrouwees te vier, ons het so baie goeie dinge" -  Willa

Monday, May 8, 2017

Unique South Africa

Fun facts about our unique country

  • We have a coastline that stretches over 2500km.

  • The "Kreepy Krawly" was invented in South Africa.

  • SA is the home of the worlds largest bird (the ostrich), the longest animal (the giraffe), the fastest animal (the cheetah), the largest land mammal (the elephant), the largest water mammal (the blue whale) and the largest fish (the whale shark) .

  • Cream soda is a South African thing , just like "braai" , "biltong" , "vetkoek" and "koeksisters".

  • The longest wine route in the world is found in South Africa.

  • The Chris Hani-Baraganeth Hospital in Soweto is the biggest hospital in the world.

  • The only street in world to house two Noble Peace Prize winners is in Soweto. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both have houses in VilaKazi Street in Orlano West. 

  • South African Breweries (SAB Miller) supply up to 50% of China's beer.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Só sê die ou Bosvarke

Vanjaar se Derby was weereens ‘n dag van goeie sportmangees, samesyn en geesdriftigheid. Dit was ‘n reuse sukses, en dis nie net die Gimmies wat so dink nie. Hier is wat ‘n paar van Worcester Gim se ou sport-helde te sê gehad het oor hoe hulle die dag ervaar het:

Joy Fortuin (1ste Netbalspan)
1. Wat is elke jaar die hoogtepunt van die Clashes?
Hands down die gees en om te sien hoe die skool ‘n eenheid vorm; wen of verloor.

2. Hoe voel dit om as oud-Gimmie die Derby by te woon?
Dis soos ‘n klein reünie. Dit was lekker om ou gesigte te sien, en ek kry nogsteeds hoendervleis as ek School in Union sing. Ek kan sonder twyfel sê: “Dis lekker om ‘n oud-Gimmie te is!”

3. Wou jy by tye self op die veld klim om die spanne te help?
Ek is hopeloos te onfiks, so daardie is ‘n negatief.

4. Neem jy nog deel aan die sport wat jy op hoërskool beoefen het?
Ek speel netbal vir my koshuis, Heemstede. Die druk is minder as wat dit  op skool was, maar dis nogsteeds pret. En ‘n student is maar dankbaar vir enige iets wat "Eerstejaar-sindroom" voorkom.

Adriaan van der Bank (1ste rugbyspan kaptein)
1. Was vanjaar se Derby dieselfde as hoe jy dit onthou?
Ek onthou nie baie van hoe die Derby was toe ek op skool was nie. Ek was gewoonlik gestres voor my wedstryde en het maar min gesig gewys.

2. Wou jy by tye self op die veld klim en saamspeel?
Ja, beslis. Ek sou enige iets gee om weer die skool te verteenwoordig.

3. Hoe verskil hoërskool sportbyeenkomstes van dié van universiteit?
Jy het beslis ‘n beter verhouding met jou spanmaats op hoërskool as wat jy met hul het ná skool.

4. As jy enige iets vir WG se sportspanne kon sê, wat sou dit wees?
Dié wedstryd is net ‘n boublok vir die res van die seisoen. Vat die positiewe uit die wedstryd in plaas van die negatiewe, en werk hard aan julle spel vir interskole.

Chrisrie Oosthuizen (1ste hokkiespan kaptein)
1. Wat het jy van vanjaar se sing-song-kreet gedink?
Dit was die hoogtepunt van die dag.

2. Was 2017 se Derby dieselfde as hoe jy dit onthou?
Dit was amper beter, omdat ek alles uit ‘n ander oogpunt kon beleef. Die gees was net so aansteeklik soos altyd.

3. Neem jy nog deel aan die sport wat jy op hoërskool beoefen het?
Ja, maar net op koshuisvlak. Ek het wel ook begin sokker speel.

4. Watter raad het jy aan al Worcester Gim se sportspanne?
Speel elke wedstryd asof dit jou laaste een is. Geniet ook elke oomblik, want daar is iets spesiaals aan skoolwedstryde wat jy nêrens anders sal vind nie. Spanbou is ook altyd belangrik.

Luke Titus (1ste Rugbyspan)
*Luke het sy vrae tweetalig beantwoord, wat dit aansienlik makliker maak vir Engelse leerders om te verstaan. Dankie, Luke!

1. Wat mis jy van hoërskool sportbyeenkomstes?
Having support on the side-lines during games makes a big difference when it comes to the dying stages of a match. I miss the sing-song group from which my team mates and I always drew our strength.

2. Neem jy nog deel aan die sport wat jy op hoërskool beoefen het?
The plan was actually to study and play golf the whole day, but when sitting alone in my room at the beginning of the year, I could not resist the temptation of taking my rugby-boots and joining the seniors for practice. I still believe it’s in a Gimmie’s blood to always do something productive with their spare time.

3. Watter “quote” will jy die Bosvarke mee motiveer vir die res van die seisoen?
“Hou jou plat soos ‘n minora blade, maar sny diep.” – Ashley Dreyden

4. Hoe het dit gevoel om as oud-leerder die Derby by te woon?
Ek het lanklaas so trots gevoel soos die oggend van die 6de Mei toe ek weer daardie trui oor my kop getrek het. Ek voel steeds deel van die skool, en daarom skop die term “old boy” nog nie in by my nie. WG once again did not disappoint and by looking at the school from the side-line, I can truly say that this is a school in union.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wat sê ons kapteine?

So die jaarlikse Derby is hier en die hele skool is in rep en roer oor hierdie gebeurtenis. Die opwinding hang swaar in die lug. Al die spanne het baie hard gewerk en ure ingesit om voor te berei vir hierdie groot geleentheid. Al die oë gaan egter op die eerste spanne wees hierdie naweek en ons het by die kapteine van hierdie onderskeie spanne gehoor hoe hulle voel oor hierdie sportdag.

Skaak - Mikyall Harris
Die vraag wat op almal se lippe is, is: hoe warm julle op voor 'n wedstryd?
Ja nee, dis nogal 'n goeie vraag. Wel, voor die tyd speel ons teen mekaar terwyl ons liedjies sing en grappies maak om van al die spanning ontslae te raak. Vir party mense werk hierdie opwarming egter nie en begin hulle maar fisies op te warm deur mekaar met pionne te gooi. (dis veronderstel om 'n geheim te wees)

Hokkie seuns - Pieter Mienie
Wat maak van julle brothers for life?
'n Klomp ouens wat lief is vir dieselfde 'game' en baie tyd met mekaar spandeer. Ons is ook almal baie 'close' en daar is 'n hegte band wat ons brothers maak. Dit is nie net uit gewoonte wat ons dit sê nie, hierdie ouens is soos familie.

Hokkie meisies - Tanisha Storm
Wat is julle mees embarrasing oomblik as 'n span?
Ek was nou nie by nie, maar in Nederland het die hele span deur die red light district geloop. En al die girls het blykbaar soos bakvissies gegiggel en heel uit plek gelyk en gevoel.

Netbal - Natalie van der Vyver
Wat maak van julle 'n dream team?
Ek dink ons is 'n dream team omdat ons regtig baie fight in ons het. Maak nie saak hoe klein ons is en hoe groot ons opponent nie, ons hou aan fight tot op die einde, al is ons agter. Ons span is ook verskriklik, verskriklik close en ek dink ons spangees bring ons ook deur baie. Ons speel vir mekaar en vertrou mekaar om daar te wees wanneer ons die bal gooi.

Rugby - Ntsika Giba
What will you always remember when you look back at your rugby career?
Hard work really does pay off no matter which obstacle comes your way!

Voorspel die tellings vir Saterdag teen Drostdy
Mikyall : 7-3 vir Gim
Pieter : 3-0 vir Gim (Cassiem gaan nie mis nie)
Tanisha : 8-0 vir Gim
Natalie : 37-18 vir Gim
Ntsika : 25-17 vir Gim

Hoekom is die Derby vir julle 'n belangrike game?
Mikyall - Ons wil ons titel behou, ons het die afgelope 3 jaar die derby game gewen en ons wil nie hierdie jaar ons titel verloor nie
Natalie - Die derby is vir ons 'n belangrike game, omdat dit 'n mind game is. In hierdie game gaan ons sien hoe sterk ons koppe is. Drostdy probeer altyd in ons koppe kom deur negatief te speel en ons gaan gefokus moet bly.
Pieter - Dit is nou al vir lank 'n rivalry tussen die skole en ons wil nie disappoint nie.

Hoe gaan jy jou span motiveer vir Saterdag se game?
Pieter - Die span motiveer mekaar, ek glo motivering is goed tot op 'n punt. Te veel daarvan laat jou stres, so ons maak maar 'n paar jokes net voor 'n game.
Tanisha - Ons gaan die B-span meisies as 'n span Vrydag ondersteun. Daarna gaan ons 'n klein spanbou hou waar ons lekker aktiwiteite gaan doen om saam te lag en tyd saam met mekaar te geniet.
Ntsika - Nothing much, as they are already motivated, but I will remind them of what is important.

Ons eerstespan kapteine klink baie positief vir hierdie komende derby.  Die Bosvarke gaan hierdie naweek Worcester Gim se naam hoog hou, op en vanaf die veld. Baie sterkte aan al die spanne wat speel en die sing songs wat almal vanaf die kantlyn gaan ondersteun.

One love Gim love...

Raai Raai wie?

Onnies se sêgoed

Musiek lirieke, rolprentsterre se geboortedatums en die telling van die Springbokke se rugbywedstryd (al wil ons dit deesdae vergeet...)

Hierdie is net 'n paar goed wat makliker is om te onthou as skoolwerk. Een van hierdie dinge wat net sommer in ons brein bly vassteek, is die sêgoed van ons onderwysers. En by sêgoed word daar nie na die skoolwerk verwys nie, maar na daardie een frase wat elke onderwyser het.

Kyk na hierdie lys van onderwysers se slagspreuke en probeer raai watter onnie so gereeld hierdie woorde uiter:

1. Gevrek, gevrekter, 12A4

2. Go MAD

3. Okay? Okay.

4. Moenie jou probleme myne maak nie.

5. Guys, haven't I given you enough work?

6. Do you have any QUESTIONSSS ?

7. Daar's 'n lekker groot grasperk daar buite.

8. Okay right, tch,tch,tch...

9. Nee komaan julle, dis nie so moeilik nie.

10. Time for "geselsies" is over.

11. Reg julle...

12. I mean, isn't it AMAZING?

Antwoorde: 1.- L. van Wyk, 2.- C. Schoeman, 3.- J. Sherriff, 4.- L. Tromp, 5- T. Conradie,               6- N. du Toit, 7- W. Brümmer, 8- E. Hofmeyer, 9.- M. Human, 10.- D. Mills, 11.- J. Fransman,     12.- L. Olivier

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weirdest Jobs Ever

Het jy al enige idee wat jy graag wil gaan doen na skool? Of twyfel jy nog daagliks? Die Circum het 10 van die vreemdste beroepe OOIT saamgestel om jou te laat beter voel oor jou onsekerheid. Daar is soveel opsies! Moenie bekommerd wees nie; jy sal wel opeindig waar jy moet wees. Vir nou: raak rustig.

10) Professional sleeper:

A hotel in Finland hired a member of staff as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test the comfort of their beds. The individual sleeps in a different one of the hotel beds each night and writes a review about her satisfaction with each one. High school can be tiring and this sounds like the perfect opportunity for a well-deserved rest - no pun intended.

9) Drying paint watcher:

No, this isn’t a joke. Someone actually earns a living watching paint dry. A man in the UK currently has the job and he spends his days painting sheets of cardboard to test how long new paint mixes take to dry and watching for changes in colour and texture. It sounds more exciting than Accounting, at least.

8) Full-time Netflix viewer:

Imagine being paid to watch TV all day! Well, for one lucky employee this dream has become reality. Netflix has hired someone to watch all of their content before it is available to the public and their role is to review and assign each program its correct tag, which helps the viewers find exactly what they’re after, whether it’s a romantic crime movie based on classic literature or a witty talking-animal TV show. This sounds like an enjoyable career.

7) Train Pusher:

If you think overloaded taxi's are bad, you should see the trains in Japan. ‘Oshiyas’ are hired to help cram as many people onto a train as possible by pushing them from the outside until the doors will close. You finally get to push people around and earn money for it!

6) Professional Mourner:

It is a tradition in South East Asia that a loud funeral will assist the dead as they travel to the afterlife, so professional mourners are hired to cry and weep loudly throughout the service. Do you have a flair for the dramatic as well?

5) Snake Milker:

Not for the light hearted. The job of a snake milker is to collect the venom of poisonous snakes in jars for use in anti-venoms and other medication. Thank goodness someone’s brave enough! Adrenaline junkie, are we?

4) Dog food taster:

The dog food tester’s job is to taste new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat and biscuits. They do this to test for flavour and texture in comparison to rival dog food brands and human food. Hmm…tasty.

3) Odour Judge:

In order to test the effectiveness of new products, ‘odour judges’ are hired to smell volunteers’ breath, feet and armpits. To make sure their judgement is accurate, the members of staff have their sense of smell tested monthly. Let’s hope those products are doing the trick, for the judges’ sake!

2) Marmite Taster:

They say you love it or hate it and in the case of St John Skelton he really takes his appreciation for it to another level. As part of a team of Marmite tasters, he is responsible for checking that each batch of Marmite is the correct texture, consistency and flavour. In the 30 years he has been working there, he has eaten around 3,000 jars of the stuff!

1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man:

If the fact that there’s an underwater hotel in Florida isn’t bizarre enough, to add on to that, they have a scuba diving pizza delivery man who supplies them with pizza by carrying the food through the sea in a watertight case. What service!

Klink een van hierdie beroepe na iets wat jy graag sal wil probeer? Dalk is jy nou oortuig daarvan dat dit seker beter is om te gaan studeer vir 'n rekenmeester, maak nie saak HOE vervelig dit is nie...