Sunday, April 30, 2017

Swartland vs Gimmies

Here are the results of a victorious Sporting day versus Swartland Highschool, with WG's scores first.

Boys Hockey:
o.14A 1-0
0.16B 5-0
o.16A 1-0
0.18B 2-1
o.18A 1-1

Hokkie: Meisies
o.14B 2-0
o.14A 1-1
o.16B 3-1
o.16A 1-1
o.18B 1-0
o.18A 0-0

0.14D 24-0
o.14C 19-4
o.14B 15-4
o.14A 20-9
o.15C 12-16
o.15B 10-19
o.15A 18-17
o.16C 7-10
o.16B 16-9
o.16A 19-16
o.17C 24-3 vs 0.16D
o.17B 32-5
o.17A 26-8
o.18C 4-26
o.18B 16-15
0.18A 25-19

o.14B 30-5
o.14A 32-5
o.15A 17-17
o.16B 17-17
o.16A 19-13
o.19C 0-63
o.19B 7-17
o.19A 10-15

And with this amazing preparation, we head into Derby Week.

Good luck with the preparation for all teams this upcoming week

Friday, April 28, 2017

13 Reasons to smile

Whether you have 238 projects to hand in, are scared about the exams that are coming up or maybe you are just having a bland or bad day, here’s a list of 13 things that could lift your spirits and hopefully make you smile. They are good things that are happening in the world, despite everything negative we hear about.

1. Last year it was reported that India planted close to 50 million trees in under 24 hours! This breaks a world record. Think of all the oxygen now produced!

 2. This is the Polka-dot Tree Frog. It is the first-ever fluorescent frog discovered! The first picture is in normal lighting. The second is in ultraviolet light.

3. The ozone layer is gradually healing.

4. Pandas, manatees and tigers are growing in population and gradually becoming less endangered.

5. Google, Tesla, Uber and many more companies are working on self-driving cars. This could mean that driving in the future would be safer and it could be more convenient for the elderly and disabled.

6. The gene responsible for ALS has been found. This is largely due to (funding provided by) the Ice Bucket Challenge. This brings scientists a step closer to finding a cure for this degenerative disease.

7. Here's a picture of a cute puppy. Enjoy! 

8. A free Laundromat service has been implemented in Rome for the poor. There are hopes to include showers too.

9. Something good for the earth: Norway has targets of making all the cars sold there to be low or zero-emission by 2025.

10. Families in New York who couldn’t afford to send their children for higher education can finally do so. Free public college is now offered to students in New York if their families make less than $100 000 per year.

11. Now for an assortment of cute animal photos

12. Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and many other artists have released new music. So much more for everyone to enjoy!

13. In the Netherlands, prisons had to be closed down and more will be closed down because of the lack of prisoners coming in. Crime rate is declining.

Here comes that super cheesy however completely true statement: the good outweighs the bad. Seriously. Sadly, the bad is often more noticed than the good. Our world has become more negative and less optimistic. This means we don’t try that hard to improve the things that bother us. These things are usually completely under our control. It then means that it’s under our control to make the drastic change we are capable of. We just have to start.