Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Year's Resolutions: The Mistakes

New year, new me. That sounds familiar, right? 
I'll try to be happier!
I'll start studying a week before the tests I have to write!

How many of your resolutions ended up just flopping completely? During the year you would convince yourself you have more time. Okay, 3 months left. Oh, a month is enough time for me to start losing the 10 kilos I wanted to. Then the 31st of December arrives and you just feel like a failure. That list of things you wanted to do has barely been completed. So now you rather want to set easy goals, but that's the mistake we make. The easier goals we set don't get us much closer to what we actually want to achieve. Achieving our goals and dreams is never going to be easy.That's why we have compiled a list of 6 mistakes people make when setting up their new year's resolutions/goals. Maybe you could find one or two you've made (I could).

RCL : Worcester Gymnasium is turning 25!

Worcester Gimnasium word 25!

Dear fellow Gimmies

You are all cordially invited to Worcester Gymnasium’s 25th birthday. Like all of the previous birthday celebrations, this one promises to be a truly spectacular event (not just because periods will be shorter and you will eat cake.) There is always a certain amount of school spirit and pride that characterizes this event and makes it incredibly special. Also, PERIODS WILL BE SHORTER AND YOU WILL EAT CAKE!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Matrics make massive waves at the Colour Athletics

Trisha Bhawan, Jacomi Breytenbach

Kyk hoe jol ons dit uit
Dit is ‘n welbekende feit dat die Kleure-atletiek ‘n belangrike mylpaal vir die Matrieks is. Dit is die laaste keer wat hulle met ‘n draaiende maag en kloppende hart by die wegspringplek kan staan. Die laaste keer wat hulle hul alles kan gee die oomblik wanneer die skoot afgaan. Of, in sommiges se geval, die laaste keer wat hulle in angs wag om aan die een item waarvoor hulle ingeskryf het deel te neem, aangesien atletiek nie eintlik hulle sterkpunt is nie.

Hulle het uiteindelik die laaste hoofstuk van hulle skooljaar bereik en hulle was vasberade om dit met tonne entoesiasme te voltooi.

So, daar is eenparig besluit om aan alles deel te neem, selfs die items waarvoor almal skrikkerig is. Die honderd meter naelloop was een van hierdie berge wat net ‘n handjievol kinders normaalweg aandurf en oorsteek. Tog is dit ‘n tradisie vir die Matrieks om aan die honderd meter deel te neem en hierdie jaar was geen uitsondering nie. Almal het een of ander vreemde kledingstuk aangehad en het die wat voor hulle gehardloop het met baie entoesiasme aangepor.

Feeling Fit: Athletics


Colours Athletics kicked off the season of running, jumping and throwing with a bang of colour, impressive records and excitement! The day, fueled by our signature Gimmie spirit, was a massive success. We are extremely proud of each and every student who participated in an item or encouraged their fellow learners.

Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Athletics: Off to a Flying Start!

u.17 High Jump

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All photos by the Circum Photographers.