Friday, October 13, 2017

Prize-giving 2017

Worcester Gym’s annual prize-giving was held on the 12th October 2017. There was a (beautiful as always) performance by the school choir at the beginning of the evening. The learners, guests and teachers later had the privilege to listen to two performances by grade 12 students from the school. These were: a piano performance by Chadwin Phillips accompanied by Mrs D. Rabie as well as a singing solo performed by Deva Willemse. These performances were very special as they were the last performances the audience would ever see of these two matric students performing on stage in their Worcester Gymnasium uniforms.  

The evening consisted of numerous (to say the least) awards and trophies handed to learners in the school for cultural, academic, sport etc. achievements. Many learners (too many to fit into this article) were given the well-deserved recognition on this special evening .This article will highlight only a few of the top achievements.

The Top 3 Academic Achievers of each grade were as follows:
Grade 8:
 3rd place - Cecil le Roux
2nd place – Nadia Jansen van Vuuren
1st place – Ian Steyn
Grade 9:
3rd place – Eduard Klüsmann
2nd place – Simone Botha
1st place – Kristij van Dyk
Grade 10:
3rd place – Bianca du Plessis
2nd place – Tineke Swanepoel
1st place – Leandrie du Toit
Grade 11:
3rd place – Nelia Grobbellaar
2nd place – Shakirah Williams
1st place – Hans Klüsmann
Grade 12:
3rd place- Shakeel Williams
2nd place - Trisha Bhawan
1st place – Jacomi Breytenbach

Highest average in junior secondary phase trophy for two consecutive years: Eduard Klüsmann
Louisa Gie Maths Trophy for the best achievement in Maths (grade 11 and 12) trophy, Nedbank Old Boys trophy for highest average in grade 11 and Stofberg Trophy for highest academic achievement of the year (in grade 10, 11 and 12): Hans Klüsmann
PriceWaterhouseCoopers prize for Accounting and Maths (grade 12) and WJ Theron Trophy for highest average over 3 years in the senior secondary phase: Jacomi Breytenbach
RCL Bursary (annually  the RCL fundraises for  a bursary to give to a matric learner that worked hard academically, was involved in school activities and was a good example to the school): Nina Roodbol
Trophy for best academic co-curricular achievement: Shakirah Williams
Johan Matthee Trophy for best cultural achievement as well as the Henkie Swartz Trophy for Cultural Versatility: Jacomi Breytenbach
Bosvark Sportmanship Trophy: WP Viljoen
Nelson Trophy for the Most Versatile Sportswoman of the Year: Natalie van der Vyver  
Olivier Trophy for the Most Versatile Sportsman of the Year: Lundi Msenge
 Sportswoman of the year with the highest individual achievement Rugail Joseph
Sportsmen of the Year with the highest individual achievement of the year: Jean Niemand
Achievement for 9 consecutive exam terms with an A-Aggregate: Trisha Bhawan, Jacomi Breytenbach, Phillip du Preez, Khanya Fadana, Peter Mercuur, Chadwin Phillips, Noeline Rossouw, Willa Roux, Mika Schoeman, Heleen Theron, Natalie van der Vyver and Shakeel Williams.
School Principal prize (given to a grade 12 learner that made an impression with their enthusiasm, perseverance and other important values portrayed without expecting anything in return): Ivana Ceaser
Venter Kruger Trophy for Versatility (female): Willa Roux
Hans Rabie for Versatility (male): Pieter Minnie
Dux Learner of 2017: Jacomi Breytenbach

The Girls’ Hostel and Boys’ Hostel head prefects of 2018 were made known. They are as follows:
Brandwacht Boys’ Hostel:
Head boy: Coert van den Berg
Deputy head boy: Andries Lötter
Seminarie Girls’ Hostel:
 Deputy head girl: Berna Erasmus
Head girl: Marquerite Zeeman
Well done!

One of the things the audience was eagerly waiting for was the announcement of the 2018 head prefects of Worcester Gymnasium. The results were as follows:
·         Deputy head boy: Hans Klüsmann
·         Deputy head girl: Elsa Burger
·         Head boy: Joubert van der Westhuizen
·         Head girl: Elmari van der Westhuizen

 The evening ended with the singing of our school anthem, where the grade 8s sang at their first Worcester Gymnasium prize-giving while the grade 12s sang proudly for their last time of being part of the prize-giving. The singing always creates a sense of pride and unity. With sadness, excitement and (of course) tiredness, everybody left the hall into the cool breeze of the night and went back home. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Teacher Interviews: The Drama Queens

At approximately 5:00 a.m., on Thursday 3 August, 27 learners and two teachers departed from Worcester Gymnasium. Their destination: Fraserburg, a sweet little town in the region of absolutely nowhere (AKA the Northern Cape). Their purpose: to participate in the Fraserburg Toneelfees, an annual festival where schools from all over the country come together to perform drama pieces of their own choosing.

I interviewed Mrs Nel, an experienced drama director and well-known Afrikaans teacher at Worcester Gym, about her experience in Fraserburg. She directed one of the two senior pieces: Fawlty Towers.

Ian: Could you give us a brief summary of the senior piece you are directing this year?
Ms Nel: Fawlty Towers is a comedy about a British hotel. The owner, Basil Fawlty, is very careful to obey his strict wife Sybil, who likes to see things happening smoothly. When a sour old woman, Mrs Richards, checks in and starts complaining, and a betting opportunity threatens Basil to make the wrong choices, the laughs begin.

I: Who are your actors and other participants in the piece?
M: [Actors:] Basil - Nikus Venter, Sybil - Jacomi Breytenbach, Polly - Jacorie Viljoen, Manuel - Aneeq Jacobs, Mrs Richards - Shayna Moffat, Guests - Elsa Burger, Bianca du Plessis, Christo Botma, Kyle Duvanage.
[Technical:] Sound and lighting - Braam Visser, stage manager - Carla van Niekerk.

I: How did you come by this British piece?
M: Mrs Tara Conradie told me about it and I decided to try to direct a comedy, which I haven’t done before.

I: What sort of feedback did you get on Fawlty Towers?
M: It was received very, very positively!

I: How many times have you been to the Fraserburg Toneelfees?
M: This was my tenth time. What a privilege to do things like this with hand picked Bosvark Actors! I’m proud of our learners who never fail to warm my heart wherever I take them.

I: Ten times! And remember folks, we only do the Fraserburg Toneelfees every two years! Thank-you for your time, Ms Nel.

Ek het ook n onderhoud gevoer met Juffrou Grethe Steenkamp, ‘n nuwe juffrou by Worcester Gim. Sy het drama gestudeer en het vir Juffrou Nel gehelp met die regie van die junior stuk. Sy was ook die regisseur van haar eie senior stuk, Drie Stories.

Ian: Kan jy vir ons ‘n kort opsomming van jou stuk gee?
Juffrou Steenkamp: ‘n Unieke vertelling van drie stories, gevleg in een storie. Die akteurs beeld op kreatiewe maniere die stories uit en maak die stories hul eie.’n Belangrike les word geleer deur die verloop van die vertelling.

I: Wie is akteurs en tegniese werkers?
J: Liné Bredenkamp, Asiphe Juleka, Conrad le Roux, Lu-Marie Lötter, Marquerite Zeeman, Mikyall Harris, Bennie Swanepoel.
Tegnies: Caris-Paige Little, Henk Blaauw.

I: Was daar enige glipsies tydens die optrede?
J: Niks wat die beoordelaars agtergekom het nie.

I: Watter terugvoer het julle gekry van die beoordelaars?
J: Dat dit die eerste stuk van die fees was waar hulle hul verbeelding kon gebruik het. En dat ons goeie fisiese teater elemente gehad het. Hulle was ook beïndruk met die teks en die boodskap aan die einde.

I: Het enigiets snaaks of interessant gebeur oppad of terug, of tydens die fees?
J: Juffrou Nel is afgetrek deur ‘n spietkop. Na jare van self aktrise-wees by die toneelfees, was dit baie lekker om vanjaar die geleentheid te kon kry om as regisseur daar te wees.

I: Wie weet, dalk is een van ons ‘n regisseur daar in ‘n paar jaar! Baie dankie vir jou tyd, Juffrou Steenkamp.
I myself play the role of Francois in the junior piece, #instant. It tells the story of Lara (Jillian Fritz), a girl trying to write an oral about a fairytale with a twist. Together with her friends Marli (Chelsea Grove) and Francois, she decides to talk about how fairytales don’t work in real life because of the way we live.  Lara and her friends’ speculation about what would happen in modern fairytales is portrayed by the following actors: Cinderella - Corné van Niekerk, Prince 1 & 2 - Henno Conradie, Red Riding Hood - Zuané Mathee, Wolf - Stefan Breytenbach, Rapunzel & Snow White - Josephine Jonker.

All three pieces will be performed again on Wednesday, 9 August in Montagu. You can come and watch them the night after that at 6:00 p.m. at the Worcester Gymnasium School Hall. Just bring along a R10 admission fee and enjoy a night of laughable, goosebumps-giving, and thought-provoking plays.

Drama: Fraserburg

Die Fraserburg-dramatoer van 2017 was 'n enorme sukses. Almal sal die herinneringe, wat op dié klein Karoo-dorpie gemaak is, vir altyd koester. Van skaterlag op die bus tot mekaar omhels na 'n skitterende vertoning. Dit was beslis een vir die boeke.

Die groep het die Donderdagoggend dou-voor-dag vanaf Worcester Gimnasium vertrek. Half vyf is die tasse in die bussies gelaai met half-verkluinde hande. Die opgewondenheid was tasbaar. Op pad na die eerste stop in Laingsburg, het die meeste mense bietjie 'n uiltjie geknip, maar van daar af, na 'n vullende ontbyt van Steers, was almal wawyd wakker. Daar is gesing en gelag en gepraat en nuwe verhoudings gebou.

Uiteindelik het die Gimmies in die vaal, plattelandse dorpie aangekom. Die bagasie is afgelaai en almal het koshuiskamers gekies vir die aand. Gim het drie verskillende stukke gehad wat opgevoer moes word. Twee senior vertonings en een junior. Terwyl die een groep gerepeteer het, het die ander twee kans gekry om te gaan verken. Daar was meestal stofpaaie en rolbosse om te sien, maar die geselskap het die leerders geïnteresseerd gehou. Die enigste "coffeeshop" in die dorpie, die Pers Malva, was binnekort propvol honger Gimmies. Omtrent 20 van hulle het om die twee tafeltjies in die een kamer met die ag stoeltjies gepas op een of ander manier. Naderhand was die winkel se borde op en party kinders se koek is bedien in pieringtjies. Die Pers Malva het daarna toegemaak vir die res van die dag.

Die Donderdagaand het die twee senior stukke opgetree. Juffrou Nel se Fawlty Towers en juffrou Steenkamp se Drie Stories. Fawlty Towers was eerste om die beurt. Dit was 'n humoristiese vertoning wat gehaal is uit die bekende reeks. Die akteurs en aktrises was skitterend en het die gehoor konstant aan die giggel gehad. Die beoordelaars het dit 'n goud toegeken. Drie Stories was artistieke teater en het baie fisiese aktiwiteit vereis. Die spelers het hul fantasties van hul taak gekwyt en almal laat snak na hul asem. Die stuk het silwer verower.

Daardie aand het die seniors baljaar en gesels tot in die middernagtlike ure. Maar eers nadat die juniors behoorlik ingelyf is. Vier van die seniors het die kleintjies na buite geroep ná donker en vir hulle 'n storie vertel van Elsa, die vreemde meisie van Kakamas wat twee jaar gelede verdwyn het op die toneelfees van '15 en nooit weer gekry is nie. Hulle het 'n paar gruwelike details ingegooi om die juniors behoorlik op hol te jaag. Terwyl hulle besig was om angsbevange na die storie te luister, het die res van die seniors in hul kamers gaan wegkruip. Ligte uit. Die graad ags en neges het salig onbewus van die ouer kinders onder hul beddens en in hul kaste gaan slaap. Ná 'n rukkie, het die seniors vreemde geluide begin maak. En die harde asemhaling en die skraap van naels teen die houtvloere het die juniors dadelik laat opspring en hardloop vir die vale.

Die volgende oggend was dit die juniors se beurt om op te tree. Hulle opvoering het gehandel oor "millennials" en die rol van sosiale media in hul lewens. Die beoordelaars en gehoor het die boodskap en toneelspel hartlik waardeer. Daarna het almal terug in die bussies geklouter en die lang pad aangedurf, mer die ongelooflike ervaring steeds vars in hulle gedagtes.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Organise Your Life

It’s only 2 weeks into the third term and you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much you have to do. You try your best, but usually fail at getting 8 hours of sleep (only me? Well…).  Got you (myself) covered! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to start cleaning up your life and becoming more organised.

Pause for a moment.
Take a look at the areas in your life which need the most attention right now. It could be your room that looks like a natural disaster just hit it (only me again? Well…) or the pile of tasks you have due next week which you’ve been procrastinating since you got it. Tackle it and one weight is lifted off your shoulders. Now you can move on to the next thing.

Make lists and write things down.
Honestly, ticking things off a simple to-do list – which you scribbled down in only a few seconds – is so satisfying. It could just be making your bed or doing homework, but with that “check!” off your list, you’ll want to keep writing things down and completing tasks.

          5 minutes method.
Ever heard of it? Take out your phone and set a timer for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, devote your attention to any one task. 5 minutes pass so fast and that’s why it works. It feels like you just started working and your timer beeps that time’s up, but you feel like you want to continue – so you do.
Before you know it, you have made progress! Keep going!

Get a calendar.
A big one on which you can doodle, personalize and fill important dates on is just the thing you room might lack. If it’s on an easily accessible place that you can see, you can write down things that you need to remember and there’s barely a chance of forgetting anything. Planners can work in the same way. You can check it in the morning, fill in important dates (homework, hangouts, road trips etc.) as you remember them and you can easily carry it around.

If you have spare time, start decluttering things bit by bit – not only your room. Take out the random socks and Lego blocks from under your bed. Clean up your desk area. Cut and paste in the random pages in your school workbooks that are becoming so untidy and frayed. Throw out the random papers in you blazer pockets or in your bag. Throw out old clothes and shoes from your cupboard. Get rid of unnecessary junk.


Intimidating as becoming organised from the state you’re in sounds, once you start getting the hang of it, you don’t really want to turn back. Humans are all about feeling accomplished and getting recognition. Becoming organised gives you both of these. Your friends will be asking you for tips in awe as they look at the new improved you. You’ll be a pro answering their questions with a smug smile as you “forget” to mention it was from a Circum blog article. Ha! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to avoid conflict : At school

Yes, we all know that conflict is a bad thing. We know it should be avoided at all cost, yet when faced with it, most of us are consumed by that insatiable rage-moster. And it’s especially hard at school. Throw a thousand completely different, hormonal teenagers together and the last thing on their minds when they disagree is going to be : “Let’s talk this out like mature adults.” Still, it is the general opinion that the few textbook resolutions to conflict in our Life Orientation books are enough to keep the peace. It’s not. So, here’s a few tips on how to handle conflict, for teenagers.

  •  Always have a tasty snack with you to give as a peace-offering. This will also work with money or gum.
  • When in a disagreement with someone, always get an objective third party to give their opinion. Note: OBJECTIVE means they won’t be influenced by either of you. Your best friend or the other person’s ex does not count.
  •  Calm down... Is what the textbook would say. Or, as it is more commonly known: “Take a chill pill.” Yet we all know that isn’t so easy. So, just have a chaotic rage-session in your head where you tell the person exactly how you feel. Then, remove all the offensive, rude words and start speaking.
  •  Never enter an argument when you’re hungry or just received your science marks. It will make you extra angry and you will enter a full-fledged argument.
  • When you lose the argument, SHUT UP! please stop speaking. (See what I did there?) Continuing to argue when you know you are wrong will only make you look like a sore loser and fewer people will respect your opinions.
  • When you are dealing with somebody who refuses to accept that they’re wrong, walk away. Tell them that they are entitled to their opinion and stop arguing. If they want to look stupid, it’s on their heads.
  • Don’t fall in the same trap twice. Stay away from those that you know are constantly seeking out arguments for the sole purpose of winning it and feeling superior. It’s not worth it.   
  • Don’t play the devil’s advocate. Yes, we all know them. They are the ones who would  abandon their food at breaktime to go stand on the sidelines, chanting “fight,fight,fight!”   Even though they have no idea what the argument is about... Please don’t. Rather spend your time resolving conflicts than encouraging them.

There you have it!

It’s no use pretending that it’s easy to resolve conflict. It’s incredibly difficult. But if you follow these eight steps, you might find out that it’s not as hard to avoid conflict as it appears to be. So, stop arguing over whether One Direction is better than Justin Bieber and focus on the aspects that make them both good (or bad...)

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.” – Dorothy Thomas

Albums 4 All

Music is a wonderful thing. As humans, we all have that special song or artist that could get you singing along even on the gloomiest of days. So, to keep you updated on what's hip in the music-industry, here are the latest albums of the most famous music-genres.

Alternative - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Halsey)

If you like listening to songs that make you feel something more than the need to tap your foot, this is the perfect album.

Our favourite songs: Strangers / Eyes closed

Afrikaans - Sing vir Liefde (Karlien van Jaarsveld) / Okay! (Heuwels Fantasties)

Aangesien ons trotse Suid-Afrikaners is (en graag van die droogte wil vergeet), het ons twee ablums in ons moedertaal gaan soek.

Ons gunsteling treffers: 
Karlien - Sing vir Liefde
Heuwels - Gebruik My

Songs to sing to in the shower - After Laughter (Paramore)
This unofficial genre might include a mix of 80's synths, rock guitars, meaningful lyrics and a whole lot of fun.

Our favourite song: Hard Times

Christian and Gospel - Starlight (Bethel Music)

The collection of classical, as well as lively songs will have you either swaying to the music, or raising your hands to sing along!

Our favourite song: King of my heart

Folk/Acoustic - Land and Sea (Ziggy Alberts)

Even though this album has been released in 2014, it's sure to punch you right in the feelings, and will definitely put you in a soothed, content mood.

Our favourite song: Gone (The Pocahontas song)

Pop - Witness (Katy Perry)

This album has not yet been released, but it should be worth the wait. Katy simply does not disappoint.

Our favourite song: Chained to the Rhythm

R&B/Soul - Darkness and Light (John Legend)

Throw back and relax as you listen to the catchy tunes on John Legend's latest masterpiece.

Our favourite song: Surefire

Spanish - El Dorado (Shakira)

For those of you who like to salsa (no, not the salty meat dressing; the dance!), this album will be the best dancing partner you could wish for this winter.

Our favourite song: Me Enamoré

Dance - Uncovered (Robin Schulz)

Even though this album has not been released yet, it will surely put you in the mood to jump of joy soon enough.

Our favourite song: OK (feat. James Blunt)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Billboard Music Awards 2017

If you missed the annual Billboard Music Awards don't fret! Here is a list of some of the winners of the major categories of the night:

 Top artist: DRAKE
 Top new artist: ZAYN
 Top female artist: BEYONCÉ
 Top male artist: DRAKE
 Top duo/group: TWENTY ONE PILOTS
 Top collaboration: THE CHAINSMOKERS ft. HALSEY - CLOSER

 Drake broke the record for the most Awards won in a single year. He took home a grand total of 13 trophies, beating Adele's record of 12.

These awards included:
 Top artist
 Top male artist
 Top Billboard 200 artist
 Top Billboard 100 artist
 Top song sales artist
 Top streaming song artist
 Top rap artist
 Top rap tour
 Top Billboard 200 album
 Top rap album
 Top streaming song
 Top R&B song
 Top R&B collaboration

 If you would like to check out the full list of all the nominees and winners check out the link below:

  9 of the most memorable moments of the evening, according to clevver, are: 

 1. Vanessa Hudgens RAPPING! (Yes, sweet Gabriella Montez rapping!!)
 2. Venessa Hudgens doing a musical impersonation of Celine Dion
 3. Celine Dion singing the hit song from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On"
 4. Drake giving a shout out to the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens , as well as giving a shout out to Nicky      Manaj exclaiming his love for her
 5. Cher made her return to the stage
 6. Camila Cabello made her solo debut after leaving girl group, Fifth Harmony
 7. Miley Cyrus ended up in tears after singing her new song, Malibu
 8. Vanessa Hudgens outfits! (Yes, her outfits get their own point due the pure beauty of them)
 9. Nicky Manaj's sexy opening that well, only she could pull off !!!!

 To watch the video make sure to click on the link below Make sure to comment your favourite part of the award show and whether or not you are happy with the winners of the night.